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Stop Bill Collectors!

Stop Bill Collectors Cold!

Stop Harassing Phone Calls!

Bill Collectors! How to stop them cold!

Bill Collectors want only one thing from you! Money! Money is the only thing that will stop them from calling you and writing you unless you have an attorney! If you have an attorney, you at least have someone to tell you the truth about what the Bill Collector legally can and cannot do and this takes away the ability of the Bill Collector to use scare tactics on you.

Once you get your bankruptcy case filed, that's it. The Bill Collectors have to Stop COLD! By filing your bankruptcy, we take the monkey off your back and give you some breathing space. After you file, the Bill Collector has to contact us. After you file, it is illegal for the Bill Collector to continue any collection efforts and that means no more nasty calls, no more "dunning" letters, no more calls at work, and hopefully no more sleepless nights.

After you file, you simply refer all Bill Collector calls over to us! You then hang up and we handle the rest! Bill Collectors hate this. You know why? It's simple. Now the Bill Collectors have to talk to our Attorneys and they hate it because they know that our Attorneys know the law! They know they can't push around our attorneys or get their way using misinformation, illegal threats, or scare tactics. Once you file, the Bill Collectors are no longer in control. YOU ARE!

Not all Bill Collectors are nasty and use scare tactics. We know that, but from our experience, rest assured that the Bill Collectors don't have your best interest in mind. Forget about them helping you through a difficult time! They only want money!

Using bankruptcy can get you the help you need and deserve. Bankruptcy can get the Bill Collectors off your back. It's Federal Law and it's your legal right!

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