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The Law Offices of Kirkpatrick and Associates because...

...Doing nothing but bankruptcy makes us better.

...When you need to file bankruptcy, you want it done right. 

...Experience, caring and respect are not optional. 

...We know that life can be brutal...and that it's all about the warmth and the welcome. 

...A full-time, professional grade, bankruptcy law firm is what you deserve. 

...You deserve the experience we have from helping thousands of other families. 

...We are one of the biggest consumer debtor bankruptcy law firm in Louisiana. 

...We understand that how we treat our clients is just as important as what we do for them. 

...There is no substitute for experience. 

...Experience doesn't have to cost more. 

...The initial consultation is always free, and always confidential. 

...We'll listen when nobody else will. 

...We take the time to take the time. 

...We have the experience, and the cases to prove it. 

...If you need to file bankruptcy, you want Kirkpatrick and Associates.


Why settle for less?


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