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Stopping a Garnishment in Gretna, Louisiana

Many people assume that once a garnishment has started, there is nothing they can do to stop it. Using bankruptcy law (chapter 13 and chapter 7), we can stop just about any type of garnishment, except current domestic support obligations. We recently met with a young lady from Gretna, Louisiana whose, paycheck had been garnished by a credit card collection agency for the last three months. It was only when she confided in a friend about her financial difficulties (this friend happened to also be one of our clients) that she learned that bankruptcy law could be used to stop that creditor from continuing to garnish her wages. She came into our office, and we were able to get her chapter 7 bankruptcy case filed before her next payday. She won't have to pay that creditor another penny.

The attorneys and lawyers of Kirkpatrick and Associates have been proudly providing bankruptcy-related legal services since 1999 to good people who are experiencing bad times in the New Orleans, Louisiana Metro area.

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