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Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the touchstones of American culture that has made our country so strong. The willingness of driven individuals to step out and risk their financial stability for the sake of a business they believe in has been a catalyst of our country’s growth. However, a recent study by the University of Nevada showed that one in seven bankruptcies are filed by individuals tying to cope with the failure of a small business. While corporations or partnerships cannot file for certain chapters of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are often used by entrepreneurs who are trying to deal with personal and business debt.

Since small businesses are unincorporated, they don’t have the same restrictions as larger corporations, which means that any business and personal debts are the responsibility of the business owner. So when a small business owner gets in over their head, the business doesn’t file for bankruptcy but the individual can. For small business owners who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy there are several protections which make it an attractive choice. If you are a sole proprietor, you operate your business by yourself so your business debts are also your personal debts and they can be dismissed in a bankruptcy case.

There are several benefits for small business owners who file for bankruptcy. First of all, there is uniform protection for future assets, which offers a fresh start to the debtor. So, if you are a business owner who files for bankruptcy, you can start a new business or a new job without worrying about having their future earnings seized to pay their pre-bankruptcy debt.

Another important benefit for small business owners filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are exemptions. Exemptions vary from state to state and are set values above which debtors must surrender property. States with higher exemptions are more attractive to debtors because it protects more of their property.  It is important to note that for small businesses filing for bankruptcy is that you must also list all of your assets both business and personal, which makes the exemption value of your state an important detail to know before filing. It can make the difference between keeping your home or having it liquidated.

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